Agrilab Technologies Inc
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Agrilab Technologies Inc is a member of the Acrolab Group of companies; a privately owned Canadian corporation with head office in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Agrilab Technologies Inc develops, designs, manufactures, and markets heat transfer solutions to rural and agribusiness customers. Agrilab is focussed on alternative heating and cooling systems that are environmentally friendly, and significantly reduce dependency on fossil fuels.
Acrolab was established in 1948 and has demonstrated consistent growth for half of a century. With production facilities in Eastern Europe and product distibution centres around the globe, Acrolab is recognized as a world leader in providing innovative technological heat transfer solutions to industry worldwide. Agrilab Technologies Inc was established to research, develop, and market environmentally sensitive solutions to energy generation challenges and to assist in heat transfer issues more specifically related to rural and agri-industry applications. Agrilab Technologies Inc shares manufacturing facilities, management, and personnel resources with the well established Acrolab company, and also has complete access to its latest technological advances.
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