Agrilab Technologies Inc, a member of the Acrolab Group, has developed an environmentally friendly, sustainable supplement to existing fossil fuel sources. This revolutionary heating technology will have a dramatic impact on both the local and international agricultural industries. For years, Acrolab has been, engineering, designing, and manufacturing heat transfer solutions, and is a world leader in specialized heat pipe technology. This super-thermal conducting technology provides the backbone for Agrilab’s latest development. In fact, Acrolab’s Isobars can transmit heat energy up to 20,000 times faster than a solid copper pipe and create an isothermic (even heat distribution) condition along the entire length of the pipe. Through the use of Isobars, Agrilab is able to harness and transfer the energy produced through decomposition.

Agrilab’s entirely environmentally friendly process uses biomass (compost) as its energy source. An average greenhouse farm of 10 acres will produce 12 tones of biomass per week. Often, this waste is left to decompose in a corner of the property, or is removed and put into a landfill site. Not only will this process provide dramatic relief from heating expenses, it will also use excess waste as its fuel, decreasing the amount of bio-waste that is being dumped into landfill.

The Agrilab heating system has the potential to pay for itself in as little as 6 months and to save the owner hundreds of thousands of dollars in heating bills.

The Excitement over this new development will culminate in October when Agrilab hosts the official launch of its new technology. Agrilab will be inviting local federal, provincial, and municipal politicians, as well as, prominent members of agricultural and environmental organizations. “Our aim is to generate enthusiasm and interest in our new system and, further, to educate our guests on the potentially infinite applications and benefits of what we have discovered” asserted Andrew Williams, Managing Director of Acrolab. “The potential for international growth and benefit from this system is unprecedented for us.”

Agrilab will be announcing the date and program for the October launch very shortly.

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